Sad news for Brian McKeever

Allan Maki, Globe & Mail: Blind skier denied a chance to make history

WHISTLER – In the early hours of Saturday morning, Brian McKeever typed out a telling tweet: “Olympic dream over. Don’t think I’ve ever been so sad.”

McKeever was not listed among Canada’s four starters for Sunday’s final cross-country ski event, the men’s 50-kilometres, and that has touched a lot of nerves here and around the country.

Billed as the first winter athlete to compete at an Olympics and Paralympics, the legally-blind McKeever was informed late Friday evening he would be scratched in favour of Ivan Babikov, Alex Harvey, George Grey and Devon Kershaw, all of whom have raced well in their previous Olympic races.

“When Brian qualified for the team (in late January) that just put him on the Olympic team. It didn’t qualify him for anything,” Wood explained.

“Obviously, Brian is disappointed and we wanted to give him the opportunity but with four boys skiing at such a good level we had to go with them.

All the best to Brian McKeever and hope to see him win in the Paralympics and future Olympics.


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