David Usher

David UsherBritish-born Canadian rock singer-songwriter

On his web site we learn that “born in Oxford, David is a Canadian who has lived in England, Canada, Thailand, and Malaysia, the East Village in New York and now Montréal. He has a degree in Political Science from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. With his band, and as a solo artist, David has sold over 1.3 million records.”

Formerly the frontman for the Canadian band Moist (1992–2000), he embarked on a solo career in the late 1990s.


  • Little Songs (1998)
  • Morning Orbit (2001)
  • Hallucinations (2003)
  • If God Had Curves (2005)
  • Strange Birds (2007)
  • Wake Up and Say Goodbye (2008)


  • Silver (1994)
  • Creature (1996)
  • Mercedes 5 and Dime (1999/2000)
  • Machine Punch Through (2001)

His blog on Art, Technology and the Communications Revolution: CloudiD

David Usher on MySpace

The tittle track Wake Up and Say Goodbye is my favorite 🙂


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