Déjà vu

More French words and expressions commonly used in English:

Déjà vu   already seen
This is a grammatical structure in French, as in  Je l’ai déjà vu=> I’ve already seen it.

In English, déjà vu refers to the scientific phenomenon of feeling like you have already seen or done something when you’re sure that you haven’t: a feeling of déjà vu = une impression de déjà vu.

Démodé   out of fashion
Same meaning in both languages: outmoded, out of fashion

Du jour   of the day
 Soup du jour is nothing more than an elegant-sounding version of “soup of the day.”

Eau de toilette   toilet water
Eau de toilette is a very weak perfume

En passant   in passing
In passing, by the way

En route   on route
On the way

Also: Cul-de-sac

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