We are all Canucks!

We are all Canucks, did you know that ?

Canuck is a slang term for Canadian

  • Origins: ambiguous
  • Usage varies from affectionate to derogatory

“The term Canuck is first recorded about 1835 as an Americanism,
originally referring specifically to a French Canadian. This was
probably the original meaning, though in Canada and other countries, “Canuck” refers to a Canadian.”

It also referred to those who worked in a forest, usually cultivating wood.

In fact, the 1835 source cited refers to a foreign-speaker: “Jonathan distinguishes a Dutch or a French Canadian, by the term Kanuk.

Source: Random House Dictionary

Canadians use “Canuck” as an affectionate or merely descriptive term for their
nationality. Other nationalities may use the word as an affectionate, or derogatory, or merely a descriptive term.

Usage of the term includes:

Go Canucks Go !

File:Vancouver Canucks logo.svg

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